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"Broderick loved the book. He had it memorized in a matter of days and was so excited to always use a tissue! And he would ask the questions .... Wipe it on a friend? NO WAY" - Megan

"This little book is full of colorful and fun illustrations that go along with a well planned social story about how and why we use tissues for "boogers". It combines humor and facts in a manner that captivates kids. As a teacher, I have used it with kids and shared it with other teachers. It provides help with such a recurring problem!"

"My 3 year old daughter loved this book! She asks to read is all the time and it was helpful, too!" – Holly U.

"Mrs. Dowd’s book is so awesome for our special needs son to help teach him manners about his nose and it is very educational. My family loves it!" - Lisa M.

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